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How to prepare your children for their first dentist appointment.

1. When should your child have his or her first dental check-up? When they turn 3 years old! In fact, bringing a child in the week after his or her birthday is a good strategy to schedule dental appointments.

2. Talk about healthy teeth. Many parents and caregivers love to teach children to point to their own eyes, nose, ears. Why not add “teeth” and “tongue” to that list? There are also a variety of baby and kid-friendly books, crafts, activities, songs, and even apps that can help teach about teeth, tooth brushing, dentists, and healthy smiles.

Bring your child with you when you have an appointment. When it’s time for them to get dental care they are already familiar with Dr. Barton and the staff. Today is perfect time to learn.

3. Check your impression of the dentist. Don't spook the kids with your scary dentist stories. Children often mirror your behavior. If you're excited about their dentist visit, they will be too. Share with them the things they will see and learn. Tell them about how friendly the staff and dentist will be. We guarantee they will be really impressed with our staff.

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